Pavement Systems

The effective management of a capital-intensive asset such as a road network is of utmost importance to any road owner within the government or the private sector.

SNA has many years of experience in the pavement management systems and employs certified specialists who undertake the visual evaluations suitable for engineering assessment.

SNA considers the information database obtained on the road network to be the backbone of its pavement management system and follows new trends in this field in order to further refine its information database.

SNA not only offers a pavement management system but is also able to operate within or develop an integrated management system where a GIS forms the basis of the management system.

A pavement management system including the following items can be offered by experienced SNA technical staff:

  • Compilation of road inventory (GIS if required)
  • Visual evaluations
  • Rehabilitation demand analysis
  • Deterioration models
  • Prioritisation
  • Optimisation
  • Long and short term budgeting
  • Implementation of rehabilitation design
  • Supervision
  • Updating the management system
  • Monitoring pavement performance

Taking into account the economic restrictions regarding infrastructure development it is of vital importance to implement the most economic and cost effective road rehabilitation strategies. SNA has been involved in rehabilitation projects for many years and has developed effective repair strategies with regard to flexible as well as rigid pavement structures.

  •  SNA uses the latest technology for pavement analysis and deterioration models in its road rehabilitation design.
  •  Years of experience enable SNA to carry out cost effective supervision of rehabilitation projects.
  •  High levels of head office and site supervision are maintained, irrespective of the size of the project.
  •  SNA focuses on training and practical knowledge transfer to site personnel regarding rehabilitation techniques.
  •  Proper resurfacing seal designs to fit prevailing conditions are regarded to be of utmost importance and are undertaken by senior staff members.

The rehabilitation design and supervision sections are integral parts of SNA and all rehabilitation projects are managed to address all facets of road rehabilitation.

  • Pavement surveys and analysis
  • Pavement repair strategies
  • Drainage repair and upgrading
  • Bridge repair and upgrading
  • Safety and capacity issues
  • Road side furniture repair and upgrading
  • Environmental issues
  • Value engineering
  • Cost estimates and budgets
  • Product performance guarantee system (PPGS) contracts
  • Specifications and contract documents.

Where required, SNA has the resources and equipment to undertake the following investigations and tasks:

  • Material tests
  • DCP tests
  • Test pit investigation

SNA uses the latest sophisticated computer software for pavement performance analysis.